Welcome to my website. My aim is to keep it filled with reflections and ideas to do with emotional well-being.

Confidence in life is undeniably crucial. It serves as a guiding light on our journey, akin to the strategy employed in real money poker.

Just like in poker, life presents us with an array of choices and challenges. Each decision we make is akin to a bet, and the outcome depends on a combination of skill, luck, and the confidence we exude. In the game of life, confidence acts as our trump card, empowering us to make bold moves, take calculated risks, and face uncertainty with a steadfast demeanor.

Imagine a poker player sitting at a table, contemplating their next move. The player who lacks confidence hesitates, unsure of their abilities and fearful of failure. They fold their hand prematurely, missing out on potential victories and opportunities. Conversely, a confident player analyzes the situation, reads the signs, and makes a well-calculated decision. They bet boldly, knowing that even if they lose a round, their confidence will carry them forward to future triumphs.

In life, confidence acts as a catalyst for growth and success. It enables us to navigate through adversity, confront our fears, and seize opportunities that lie beyond our comfort zone. With confidence, we radiate a sense of self-assurance, attracting positive energy and inspiring those around us. Just as a poker player's confidence at the table can influence the outcome of a game, our confidence in life can shape our destiny.

However, it is essential to strike a balance. Overconfidence can lead to recklessness, blinding us to potential risks and causing us to make poor choices. Just as a poker player with an inflated ego might ignore warning signs and bet recklessly, we must remain grounded and self-aware. Confidence should be tempered with humility, allowing us to recognize our limitations and learn from our mistakes.

I discovered this truth early in my own life when my own hit rock-bottom. Luckily I received help and was inspired to take training to help others. Confidence building quickly became my speciality and as I was working with meager resources, I started to develop and become committed to self-help techniques. 35 years of experience have not changed this commitment. Keeping our own and others' confidence continually boosted is vital to the emotional well-being of not only individuals, but also happy and successful communities of every shape and size. This is the key to being able to deal with, and move on from the inevitable downs that life brings to us all from time to time.

On this website and in my books I will continue to share the wisdom I have gathered from my life and work. And, I hope you will also share yours with me. The more variety of tested tips and techniques I can share, the more people from all over the world can benefit.

  • "Acknowledge the things you do better than other people."

  • "Talk encouragingly to yourself."

  • "Always have at least one planned treat to look forward to."

  • "Give to others and feel successful."

  • "Make a resolution as soon as you start wishing you were different."

  • "Replace gloomy predictions with motivational statements."

  • "Do a dare a day."

  • "Battle with your bad habits one at a time."

  • "Know what lifts your spirits and do more of it."

  • "Don't over commit the caring side of you."

  • "Don't wait until you are feeling ugly to enhance your beauty."

  • "Like the celebrities transform your appearance regularly."

  • "Count the cost of wasting today."

  • "Secretly record compliments that move you."

  • "Steer well clear of the 'deep end' of challenges."

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