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Confidence Challenge November 2015: Dealing Positively with Powerlessness

Friday, November 20th, 2015






Apologies for not sending out any Confidence Challenges for the last couple of months. I have just been so busy.

This week’s news about the terrorist attacks in Paris has sent shock waves through Europe and many other regions in the world. Wherever I have been, I have encountered people talking to each other about what has happened. They are of course, expressing sadness and sympathy for the sufferers and their relatives, but they are also expressing fear. The Parisians are dealing with their fear by courageously and openly carrying on their lives as usual.

Normally, when I see such tragedies happening in other countries, I have a feeling of helplessness. But this time, perhaps because I know it could also happen to us, I am feeling differently. I feel compelled to do something towards helping to resolve this situation.  After talking with friends, I am going to join a discussion group that has been started for moderate Muslim and non- Muslim women. And as I am an addict of book groups, I am considering starting a new one in my local community that will read and discuss contemporary Arab literature.

I am aware that both of these plans are drops in the ocean of what needs to be done, but I know that it is far better for my own confidence to DO something constructive than to just worry and hope.

So, I thought that our Confidence Challenge could be on this theme.  Even if you can’t fit in much action before Christmas, do read my suggestions. You don’t have to follow them exactly, but they may set you thinking and talking about what you too might be able to do. And, why not share your ideas with us in my comment section below?




  • Talk and talk to friends and colleagues about the situation. Ask for ideas about what you think ordinary people can do.
  • Become more informed. Look at a wide range of sources of information rather than focusing on ones that you already use.
  • Note these ideas down in a safe place. (i.e. A place where they won’t get lost under piles of Christmas wrapping! )
  • Also note down your ideas as soon as you have them. Mine often come into my head quite randomly when I am not actually thinking about a problem.
  • Put a date in your diary when you will review your ideas and make an action plan.
  • Treat yourself. You will already have a good feeling and you may think that is enough, but it isn’t. A small reward need not cost money or be time-consuming. You will deserve it.


Best wishes



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2 Responses to “Confidence Challenge November 2015: Dealing Positively with Powerlessness”

  1. gerry says:

    HI Gael great challenge to work on again.
    hope your book will be a success when it comes out but moreover your health and that of Stewarts is good at the moment anyhow have a nice break and best wishes to everyone for now.

  2. Pilar says:

    Great post Gael and very helpful, as always ! It will be great to meet you when you are around before Christmas ! Get my biggest hug

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