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Confidence Challenge January 2016: Weather the whims of the world by making your inner confidence as sturdy as the trunks of a Magnolia tree

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

early magnolia



When I got back at the beginning of last week from our stay in Hong Kong, I noticed that the beautiful magnolia tree that I see from our office window was almost ready to break into flower. Instead of being thrilled (as I usually am), I was dismayed.  I said to my husband “What will happen if we get a freeze? We are not even half way through January yet! It’s two months early. ” And of course by the weekend temperatures had dived and the tree was covered with snow.

I was panicking needlessly, of course! I am no horticulturist, but on closer inspection I can see this tree looks sturdy and healthy.  Also I have been assured that it is well cared for and has been slowly growing in its home across the road for many years.

Yesterday I was discussing this subject of steady slow growth and constant nurturing in relation to confidence building with a colleague. Of course, like magnolia trees we may encounter periods in our lives when the climate around us encourages a sudden rapid growth spurt. Getting a lucky break with a job or happening to bump into Mr or Mrs Right in a supermarket queue may instantly shoot us into the “Super Confidence” zone. But unless our inner core of confidence is firmly rooted and continues to be nurtured, we will remain prey to other people’s agendas and bad luck.

My Magnolia tree has three robust trunks. Super Confidence has four ‘trunks’ that keep it sturdy: Self-love; Self Knowledge; Clear Direction and Positive Thinking.

Your Confidence Challenge this month is to set some goals for yourself to ensure that these key personal qualities will stay sturdy through whatever challenges 2016 may bring. Now it’s time for action!


Here is our January 2016 Confidence Challenge:

  •  Name one resolution you will make (and keep!) for each of these four core qualities of inner confidence.


e.g. I will watch my diet  more carefully – I will only eat/drink ………. at the weekends ; I will ensure that I give my self at least one de-stressing fun evening each week


e.g. I will keep doing my personal development reading and exercises; I will ask for more feedback on my behaviour/communication from others

 Clear direction

e.g. I will review my progress with my goals on the 1st day of every month; I will ask my friends to stop me from dwelling on the past

 Positive thinking

e.g. Most days I will only listen/watch news twice a day; I will ask others to stop me when I start to talk too negatively


Very best wishes for a great 2016!


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3 Responses to “Confidence Challenge January 2016: Weather the whims of the world by making your inner confidence as sturdy as the trunks of a Magnolia tree”

  1. gerry says:

    Hi Gael

    interesting and varied challenge this month.

  2. Krishna says:

    I need some cute girlie smapts. I have just started a blog and I just figured out how to put a pic on my blog.I’ve still got a long way to come before I get the blog right. When you see it just remember I’m working on it. LOL

  3. Tom Slingsby says:

    I’m badly in need of some confidence after the abortion of my son. My girlfriend and I split up because of this she and I have no contact. I’ve now married and as I don’t want my wife to know I’ve written to you I’m using the e mail of a friend of mine.
    Please help me

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