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On this page are some reviews of Gael’s book. More reviews and readers’ feedback can be found at

Shortcuts series

“Very snappy, very useful, very readable, - and very very wise. I will certainly recommend Shortcuts in my columns. I’m always looking for simple, straightforward (non-academic, for heaven’s sake) books for my readers, but there are so few out there”
Susan Quilliam, spokesperson for Relate and The Samaritans and Agony Aunt for FHM and That’s Life Magazines

“The simple formula of the ‘Shortcuts’ series approach means you can get stuck into solutions straightaway. The exercises are easy and fun. I would have no hesitation in recommending this book to my readers”
Anne Nicholls, Internet Agony Aunt

“Shortcuts are really accessible. I will recommend them to my patients. Thank you for another therapeutic tool”
Dr Anne White, GP Tutor


Shortcuts to Getting a Life

“Finding it hard to juggle a career and family? Is work taking over your life? Then this is the book for you. There are lots of tips and techniques which you mix and match for yourself.”
Health and Fitness Magazine

Shortcuts to Making Hard Choices Easy

“by the end of this book you’ll be able to make your choice and stick by it with less worry and more confidence”.
Zest Magazine


Shortcuts to Bouncing Back from Heartbreak

“sensible strategies to help you recuperate, heal and let go of torment”
Liverpool Echo
Self Motivation

“a practical guide to improving your belief in yourself”.


Success from Setbacks

“a fascinating insight into how high performers bounce back”.
Time Out


Super Confidence

“It is a pleasant change to see a realistic book that teaches confidence”.
Daily Express


Self Esteem

“The best book ever written on this subject. An absolute must for anyone who needs more self confidence”
Suzie Hayman, Author, Broadcaster and Counsellor

“The beauty of this excellent-value book is its practical step-by-step approach”
Daily Mail


Managing Anger

“Sensible, practical and exceedingly useful”
Claire Rayner, Author, Broadcaster and Agony Aunt

“ I recommend Managing Anger –it is one of the few books on the subject, is practical and easy to read”
Tim Field, Author of ‘Bully In Sight’


Emotional Confidence

“Down-to-earth and sympathetic. Everyone should have a copy”
Slimming Magazine


Confident Children

“Good advice about how to help children face the world”
Times Education Supplement


Confident Teens

“This book is a storehouse of sensible suggestions on how to handle emotional and behavioural problems in non-confrontational ways….”
Sonia Jackson, Co-author of ‘Looking after children – good parenting, good outcomes’


Assert Yourself

“A real boon to those who want to realise their full potential”.
Virginia Ironside

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