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La Puebla Old Town

5 night breaks with Individual Consultation sessions

27 May 1st June and 9 - 14 September 2004

Cost: 295 includes consultations and accommodation (Food is extra)

Each break will include 5 hours of individual consultation time. These sessions plus their follow-up assignments should enable you to make excellent headway with any personal problem or a difficult decision. You will also have ample time to recharge your body and spirit with swims in the pool; reading, and walks in and around the beautiful countryside and historic towns. So you should return home bursting with renewed energy as well as focussed motivation. La Granja

The maximum number of people participating in a consultation programme will be 4 per Retreat. Each bedroom offers double or twin bedded accommodation and for a small extra charge participants can have a friend, partner or child sharing their room.

La Granja Swimming pool

There will be no pre-arranged programme of group activities, but, as this is a great opportunity to meet like-minded friends, it is envisaged that sometimes guests will choose to socialise and cook meals together. But equally, there will be no pressure whatsoever on anyone to join in any spontaneously arranged group activities. Be assured that the garden of La Granja is large enough for everyone to find solitude whenever they so wish. Town

Should you wish to extend your holiday, it will usually be possible to book a few extra nights accommodation at La Granja.

For more information about La Granja and its location, visit our La Granja webpage.

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Gael Lindenfield's Self Esteem Bible

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