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Specialist Coaches in Networking Skills Present: Focussed Networking A programme which will give you the power to transform your career with Gael Lindenfield and Catherine Gilbert.

Wednesdays 6 - 8 pm, 4th June – 9th July 2003 in Central London
Cost: £395

Who will benefit from this course?

Anyone proactively developing their career and who:

  1. Knows they should network, but does not know where to start
  2. Has tried to network, but becomes disheartened through lack of progress or meeting setbacks
  3. Has a role or commitments which make networking difficult
  4. Is contemplating a career change
  5. Feels they do not have a striking enough profile to attract the right attention
  6. Networks already, but would like to become more effective at it

Focussed Networking

This intensive 6 week programme is designed to develop the critical know-how and specific social and interpersonal skills you need to be an effective networker. It recognises the proven fact that this kind of learning is best done step by step with ample opportunity to test theory with real-life assignments.

The programme has also been designed to maximise the benefits to be gained from group learning whilst the limited number of participants (12) ensures that you will also have the advantage of individual coaching.

What you can expect to gain :

  1. A networking project plan for the next year tailored to meet your chosen targets
  2. At least 10 new tactical contacts
  3. New skills and strategies to ensure you maintain your self-confidence, emotional equilibrium and motivation
  4. An effective peer support structure

What each session will offer

  1. Theory and tips on relevant topics
  2. Skills practice using role-play and other action exercises
  3. Feedback and coaching on practical field work assignments

Follow this link for more information on the Focussed Networking programme outline

To book a place send a deposit of £50 payable to:
Opening Opportunities
19 Parkside,
42 Knightsbridge,
London, SW1X 7JW

Contact number: 0207 235 9258

Email [email protected]

Programme leaders

Gael Lindenfield is one of the UK’s leading experts on confident communication and relationship development. She is also the internationally best selling author of 16 groundbreaking personal development books and has successfully pioneered a unique Guided Self Help model for personal change.

Through her 25 years experience as a psychotherapist, her writing, media work and seminars and by being an inspiring and credible role model, she has helped many thousands of people become more confident and engaging communicators.

Catherine Gilbert is a recognised expert in career management. As Associate Director for DBM, the world’s leading Career Transition company, and through Catherine Gilbert Career Management, she has over 17 years’ successful experience of helping individuals and groups to enhance their career management skills and knowledge. The positive outcomes achieved in empowering and supporting clients towards their goal have reinforced for her the importance of Focussed Networking, whether it be in business or in one’s personal life.

Catherine has appeared on TV, radio and in the newspapers as an authoritative and insightful commentator on Networking and other career issues.

Shortcuts to Bouncing Back from Heartbreak

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