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Newsletter – Autumn 2006


Summer this year did not turn out quite as I had planned. Just before leaving London for a long spell in my new home in southern Spain, I had accepted an offer to do another book . I was very excited about this project and I wanted to ensure that I had plenty of rest and relaxation so that I would have maximum energy and creativity for the project. So, I had in mind endless easy walks along the miles of beautiful sandy beaches, cooling swims in the sea and the odd glass or two of Rioja to help me idle away the sunset hours.


Fate however had other plans. What was actually in store for me was a four month long challenging health nightmare. This was a result of some major complications from a minor operation. 


I am now at the end of this recuperation journey and, (being me!), I am reflecting on what I have learned from this experience. Not surprisingly it has been an emotional rollercoaster ride. Sometimes I’d feel angry and frustrated, the next frightened and uncontrollably shaky and then the next weepy and disheartened.  But occasionally amongst this negative turmoil I did also feel many moments of pure pleasure. Sometimes these were prompted by the happy cries and shrieks of excited holiday makers, or sometimes simply by the stunning sight of a brilliant deep blue sky outside my window or by indulging in a guilt-free afternoon of absorbing reading. But most of all what gave me most pleasure was  experiencing very generous loving care and support from my family, friends, colleagues and the nurses and doctors who went out  of their way to make my recovery as quick and complete as it could possibly be.


It is very many years since I have been so weak in both body and spirit.   It was a salutary reminder and also (eventually!) a very motivating one. At times I wondered if I’d ever have the energy or inspiration to work again but once the end was in sight,   I couldn’t wait to get cracking. This has been, after all, another invaluable personal experience of healing - one that has made me even more aware of the inter-connectedness of mind, body and emotions and the value of having the knowledge and skills to be able to keep yourself on a positive healing path.


Luckily, by mid-September I had a chance to put my re-energised professional self straight back into action.  Together with a colleague Jan Hildebrand, a career consultant, I led a pilot course for our exciting new ‘Reflect and Recharge’ programme of short courses in Spain. It was a great success and very enjoyable for us too so we are busy preparing the 2007 programme of courses in both Spain and London. If you want to know more  look on my Events page.


Next week I am back to Spain for a week to start writing the new book. No prizes I am afraid for guessing the theme. It is, of course, about healing - healing from the hurt of psychological pain. This is the kind of emotional wound which comes to each and every one of us when we meet an unwelcome setback, disappointment, loss or   injustice.


I shall keep you posted here on my progress but in the meantime have an enjoyable Autumn and fun celebrating the end of 2006 and the start of 2007.

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