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Confidence Challenge August 2014: “Look at me aren’t I clever!” is ok for adults too.

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014




You may have noticed that I missed out a Confidence Challenge for July.  This is because I was either on holiday or busily occupied looking after my baby granddaughter. She was nearly five months old and very excited about her new power to move her body. With great effort over several weeks she would persist in trying to lift her upper body and arms. On the day of this photo she succeeded. In the photo, you can see the joy on her face when at last she succeeded. And, if you could have seen my face it was pretty joyous too!

During her journey to success, although she couldn’t talk, she made it quite clear what she wanted from Grannie.  She looked up for encouragement, squealed for a cuddle when she was fed up with trying, and ‘made big eyes’ at me to get praise when she succeeded.  Instinctively, she knew what she needed in terms of support and had no hesitation about asking for it.

Sadly, almost all the people I meet who lack confidence have lost contact with this natural instinct.  So your Confidence Challenge this month is to set yourself a goal and do the same as my granddaughter! Summer is a great time for this as people are usually less stressed and more inclined to give support.


  •  choose a small goal that will challenge you but could  be achieved within the next few weeks
  • break it down into small steps and use these to monitor your success.
  • choose one or more people that you could ask to  support your efforts as well as praise your final  success 
  • it is your job to ASK for support – don’t rely on others to know what you need e.g. “I ‘ve just managed to …….., so I am getting there aren’t I?”
  • if someone doesn’t give you what you need, quickly find someone else who can and will. There is always someone who will be only too delighted to help.

Enjoy the rest of the Summer sun. Don’t forget you can add a comment below. I am  delighted that some people have now started to do this. It has been very supportive and encouraging for me

Best wishes


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6 Responses to “Confidence Challenge August 2014: “Look at me aren’t I clever!” is ok for adults too.”

  1. gerry says:

    beautiful picture Gael hope you are well healthwise

    all the best


  2. Simon Pratt says:

    Love the photo of your granddaughter – she is a little beauty (although it that is no surprise!).

    Also a very relevant article I have shared with Hanna & Jade our trainers at Portico.

    My Best Wishes,

  3. shen roddie says:

    A magical moment…..there’ll be plenty more too!
    She’s absolutely gorgeous and I can feel your pride…..I’m a besotted grandma myself and alas, consider everything my three year old, Clara, does a miracle! You wait until she starts to talk! They take you back to basics with questions like What’s inside a tree, Why do ducks float, Why does memory fade? or comments like, I like this park. It has atmosphere… the meantime, every stage of your lovely grand daughter’s locomotion is miraculous…in three short months, she’ll be crawling!

    When are you thinking of coming to Oxford? Susan and I would be delighted to buy you lunch by the river if the sun shines. Be really good to see you again!


  4. Susana y José Abntonio says:

    Hóla Gael,nos alegramos que estéis toda la familia muy bién,tu nieta está preciosa y ha crecido mucho desde que la vimos en Semana Santa.Por Rota el tiempo de éste verano está muy fresquito(ideal para tí…).Seguimos con la pesadilla de las obras en casa interminables…muchos besos y disfruta de tu nieta e hija.Ya nos vemos en otoño.

  5. Elisa says:

    Dear Gael,

    You couldn´t find a better face and smile to look at to get happiness and the wish to get up and go. Thanks a lot for sharing her with us. I have to tell you that she is very lucky having you as her granny.

    Lots of love,

  6. Thamii says:

    I really like this wnitirg style.It is so entertaining. By the way, I like ” pa war” especially after arriving in the US.May be it is because I wanna hide my neck or that the weather is cold, or both. Iora

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