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15 May 2004
Maintaining Motivation

How to stick to resolutions and stay positive after setbacks

“Just do it!” goads the infamous slogan. It sounds so easy and indeed, - for the first week or so, it often is. But then you find the buzz may start to fade as your progress plods rather than “zooms”, or someone shifts the goal posts – yet again. After dragging yourself back on track, up comes an unforeseen hurdle, or you make a “stupid” mistake. And so it often goes on - “just doing it” for any length of time is often not easy.

During this day you will learn how to sustain your motivation by working on these seven fundamental keys:

  • Inspirational Goals
  • Unshakeable self-esteem
  • Mind control
  • Efficient organisation
  • Sharpened skills
  • Setback strategies
  • Effective support
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27 May – 1st June and 9 - 14 September 2004
Retreat and Recharge in the Sunshine
Southern Spain

5 night breaks with Individual Consultation sessions.
Cost: £295 includes consultations and accommodation (Food is extra)

Why not combine some intensive challenge and coaching from Gael with a few days of self-reflection and relaxation in the sun? These short breaks will take place in Gael’s Spanish home, La Granja in the foothills of the Sierra Norte in Andalucia. This is a region renowned not just for its natural beauty and warm climate, but also for its infectious joie de vivre.

For more information La Granja and its location visit our Retreat and Recharge webpage.

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Gael Lindenfield's Self Esteem Bible
Gael Lindenfield's Self Esteem Bible

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