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Decision Day

24 April 2004

How to confront dilemmas and make difficult decisions.

“Choice is a wonderful thing” – or so this popular refrain would have us believe. But sometimes, don’t you feel you can have a little too much of this good thing?! Perhaps you have found yourself longing for the hand of Fate to intervene and narrow your options. Or, maybe at this very moment, you feel so torn emotionally or morally by a dilemma that you’d be more than happy for someone else to tell you what to do.

Of course, the increasing number of choices that our new global world offers us is undeniably a privilege. The last thing that most of us really want to do is waste our chance to choose from so many different opportunities. Improving your decision-making skills will ensure that you stay firmly in the driving seat of your own life.

This day has been designed to help anyone who generally finds choosing stressful or is currently struggling with a hard decision. You will learn:

  • the key characteristics of decisive people and how to develop these
  • how to power up your necessary physical and mental energy levels
  • a strategy for making tough decisions
  • how to stick by your choice with confidence

If you bring along a real-life choice that is currently confronting you, you can be sure to return home with at least one less pressure as well as a decision-making tool-kit that could change your life.

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