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Confident Parents

Weds mornings - 10.30-12.30: April 21; May 5; May 1

Small Group morning sessions in London - £25 per session

All good parents worry and wonder if they are doing their best by their children. This is not a problem if doing so helps us to reflect and act constructively. But sometimes our concerns circle around in our heads or in discussions with our partners without resolution. As a result, our own confidence and ability to enjoy our parenting role can both become seriously diminished.

Do you, for example, find yourself wondering too often about whether or not:

  • your child is being held back by lack of self–esteem or social shyness?
  • you are being too over-protective or too pushy?
  • their sibling rivalry is getting out of hand?
  • to protect them from bullying or leave them to defend themselves?
  • your child is suffering from serious stress?
  • a house-move, a divorce or bereavement or any other difficult transition will seriously damage or hurt your child?
  • you are giving your teen too much freedom or too many rules?

If so, you will definitely find these sessions either reassuring or helpful in a very practical way. Through discussing your concerns with Gael and other committed parents, you may find that you are already doing a more than good-enough parenting job. On the other hand, you could find that you are being introduced to many alternative good ideas, useful strategies and supportive friends. Either way, you should feel a great deal more confident in your ability to tackle whatever parenting dilemma or challenge may come your way.

There will not be a pre-planned programme for these sessions. Depending on the needs expressed by participants, we may decide to focus in depth on one or two shared issues, or we could divide the time or break into small groups to ensure that everyone receives some support or coaching on their individual concern.

Booking arrangements: you can come to just one or the whole series of group consultations. But please remember that, as numbers will be strictly limited to a maximum of 10 participants, it is important to email Gael beforehand to reserve a place.

The Self Esteem Bible

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