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Use moments of mindfulness to re-boot your confidence – Confidence Challenge March 2014

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

The great appeal of the current trend for Mindfulness meditation is that it can be done quickly and anywhere at any time. It is an ideal stress reduction technique for our fast contemporary lifestyle. Like any good meditation it gives our minds as well as our bodies a refreshing rest.


This month’s Confidence Challenge is to use the benefits of your recharged
mind to give your confidence a quality mini-workout.

First, take 3 deep slow breaths while, in your mind’s eye, tracing the
passage of your breath in and out of your body

Secondly, focus your  mind for a couple of minutes purely on what you can
see, hear  and sense in the here and now.

Thirdly, ask yourself the following 3 questions and note down your answers:

1.     What have I done well so far today?

2.     What learning about myself, others or life  in general have I

3.     What can I usefully do in the next 24 hours to increase my confidence just a little more

Try having at least one or two of these confidence building mindful moments
per day. And don’t forget to give yourself an appropriate mini reward each

Good luck


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