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Keeping Your Cool Keeping Your Cool
Do you ever just 'lose it'? Here you'll find straightforward advice that you can use in a moment to master your mood and react with clarity and calm.
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Making Hard Choices Easy Making Hard Choices Easy
This book will enable you to tackle the decision-making process with less worry and more confidence - regardless of how big or small your crucial decisions are.
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Managing Anger Managing Anger
Understand the effects anger has on our bodies and discover safe and constructive ways of dealing with it.
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Managing Emotions at Work Managing Emotions at Work
This 90 minute audio book original will help you stop your feelings from sabotaging your professional success.
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Positive Under Pressure Positive Under Pressure
Learn how to harness the power of pressure - from identifying your personal warning signals to saying 'No'.
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Self Esteem Self Esteem
Recover from deep-seated hurt with these simple steps to developing self reliance and self respect.
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Self Motivation Self Motivation
This practical guide reveals what self motivation is, how it can help us, and why it can seem so elusive.
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Success From Setbacks Success From Setbacks
Learn how to transform apparent disasters into opportunities for success and personal growth.
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Super Confidence Super Confidence
Gael explains how you can rise to any challenge by developing the many qualities that make up confidence.
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The Positive Woman The Positive Woman
Transform your life with a new and positive approach that will affect everything, from the state of your wardrobe to the state of your relationships.
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