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Art of Conversation

27 March 2004 Day seminar in London- Cost 95

How to chat your way into great friendships and successful working relationships.

Is this one of the lost arts of our age? Certainly, many more people are openly sharing how they dread getting into situations where they will need to socialise face-to-face with people. One simple reason for this growing problem is lack of practise. Conversation is a skill that is normally acquired through years of trial and error experiments in everyday social life. For a whole variety of reasons, in our busy technological age, even the raging extroverts amongst us find they have less and less time and opportunity to refine their conversation skills. No wonder so many of us feel lost for words when we are trying to make new friends or business contacts through networking.

This day has been specially designed for anyone who wants to give their social life a boost or needs to network to increase their work opportunities. Here are some of the secrets of this art that you will learn:

  • safely striking up a conversation from cold
  • making interesting small talk
  • how to listen in order to induce others to talk
  • when and how to move a conversation into deeper depths
  • how to politely stop a conversation that is fast going nowhere

There will also be a chance to practise your skills in a safe and confidential setting where you can expect honest feedback, genuine support and possibly some great new friends.

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